By Cailey Rizzo
October 17, 2016
Getty Images/EyeEm

Have you seen this pig?

A stolen mini pig in Hesse, Germany made national headlines and citizens across the country are joining in on the hunt.

Rudi the mini pig went missing from his farm in Offenbach on Oct. 8. Police suspect that the pig was stolen from its pen.

The two thieves are suspected to have climbed a 4.5-foot chain link fence and taken the 14-inch pig. Rudi is especially miniature as he is less than one year old.

"Rudi was simply my pig," owner Susi Stangl told police. "I visited him several times a day in the garden, and he always greeted me as a friend."

The story has since been picked up by several national outlets and the police campaign “Where is Rudi?” has been shared on Facebook. Authorities have not yet made any progress in finding out what happened to Rudi.

However, some Germans were less than helpful in the hunt. One Facebook user commented on the police post that Rudi “was probably lost on his way to the BBQ,” to which police replied “That would be a shame for Rudi and his wife.”

Stangl is offering a €350 ($385) reward to anybody who has information regarding Rudi’s whereabouts.