Millie, the Goldendoodle concierge.
Credit: Courtesy of Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Hotel stays can be ruff.

Except when it comes to one Hilton hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where an 8-month-old miniature Goldendoodle named Millie serves as a “canine concierge” to help greet hotel guests and give a little stress relief to her fellow employees.

Millie is owned by the hotel’s human concierge, Rusty Dahler, who brings her into work Tuesday through Saturday.

Dahler, originally from North Carolina, named his adorable pup after his new home of Milwaukee.

According to one representative from Hilton Milwaukee, “Millie has been warming the hearts of many guests and travelers, including a recent travel blogger [Jessica Hart] that stayed at the property.”

Among her favorite activities at the hotel, Millie loves to lounge on the concierge desk, chase her ball down the hallways and help deliver guests’ luggage. Especially if it means she gets to ride on the luggage cart.

Millie fans can also follow her on Instagram, so they don’t miss a minute of her delightful antics.