Meet your new spirit animal.
Four zebras drinking from a waterhole in Etosha National Park. Namibia, Southern Africa.
Credit: Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

There’s always that one friend who always looks awkward in group photos.

If you happen to look around your friend group and figure out that someone is actually you, this zebra knows how you feel.

While taking pictures of zebras grazing in a safari park in Kenya, in Africa, Lincoln Harris, a tourist from Pennsylvania, caught one particular zebra who started to “laugh” and make awkward faces as he snapped photos.

A Zebra appears to Photobomb his friends by pulling a silly face
Credit: Lincoln G Harris/Caters News

Of course, the zebra was actually baring it’s teeth rather than actually laughing, but photos make the zebra look like the photographer just delivered a hilarious zinger.

The other zebras look pretty unimpressed and straightfaced, however.

“They were all lined up perfectly, when suddenly the one on the far right started laughing. It was so funny, and it worked perfectly for my photographs,” Harris told the Daily Mail.

Even though it probably won’t be taking any cute selfies any time soon, the laughing zebra clearly looks like the life of the party, or even a killer stand up an open mic night.