By Andrea Romano
September 22, 2019
The Lanesborough cat
Credit: Courtesy of The Lanesborough

If you’re a cat person looking for a lush hotel stay in London, we’ve got the perfect (purr-fect?) accommodation for you.

The Lanesborough is a truly gorgeous luxury hotel in one of the world’s best shopping districts that was also named Travel + Leisure’s best hotel in London in 2019. But the best part about this hotel isn’t just its design, amenities, or location.

It has an adorable resident kitten.

Lilibet, a tiny Siberian Forest Cat arrived at The Lanesborough back in June, and she just might be one of the cutest employees the hotel has ever had. Oddly enough, The Lanesborough is part of the Oetker Hotel Collection, which has become somewhat famous among its guests for having felines on its staff.

According to The Lanesborough’s website, Lilibet joins the ranks with other hotel cats such as Burmese cat Fa-Raon from Le Bristol Paris and Kléopatre from Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden.

And just in case you’ve always wanted to stay at The Lanesborough but have an unfortunate allergy to cats, have no fear. Siberians, along with their pleasant nature, are actually hypoallergenic, according to the hotel’s website.

The Lanesborough cat
Credit: Courtesy of The Lanesborough

According to the Tatler, Lilibet is actually named after Queen Elizabeth II, who is affectionately known as Lilibet to people who are more familiar with her. Feline Lilibet certainly looks like she lives up to her name with her regal looks and her expertise at lounging around as only a queen can do.

It’s unclear whether Lilibet has many duties in the hotel other than being an adorable ambassador and possibly greeting guests. A group of employees, known as the Cat Committee, volunteer to take care of her during their shifts.

It’s not entirely uncommon for hotels to adopt an animal as an in-house mascot. A Hilton Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a popular Goldendoodle named Millie who is in charge of greeting guests and helping baggage handlers, and The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills in California has two English bulldogs named Winston and Churchill.

If you’re more into felines, you can follow Lilibet by checking out The Lanesborough’s Instagram page.

For more information or to book a stay at The Lanesborough, visit the hotel’s website.