Geoffrey Glassner, a 74-year-old outdoorsman, was visiting Katmai National Park in Alaska when he got a bit more company than he was bargaining for on his first hike outside the camp.

Along the trail, Glassner ran into a mama bear and her two cubs who also happened to be out for a stroll.

"The cubs were out in front of mom and I was interested in them," Glassner told Inside Edition. "My biggest fear was that they would get close to me and mama bear [would think] I was a threat and would attack me."

Glassner remained calm throughout the entire terrifying ordeal, walking backward to face the bears while also recording the event for posterity.

“Oh come on guys, give me a break,” Glassner said in the video as the baby cubs inched closer and closer.

Thankfully, after a few fearful minutes, the bear family veered off the trail to take a dip in a nearby lake, which Glassner also captured on video — only this time, from a safe distance.

"Most times they will turn around and walk away, but there is always a possibility they will charge you," Glassner added.

To avoid a situation like Glassner's, Bear Smart Society advises that you practice safe hiking habits, like traveling in groups and making noise throughout the entire excursion. This, the group says, will scare off bears before you even encounter them.

If you do come face to face with a bear, try to “remain as composed as possible,” just as Glassner did, and back away slowly.

If the bear begins to act defensively, it's time to speak up in a stern manner. If that doesn't work, Bear Smart Society says it's time to bust out the bear repellent spray (which you are hopefully carrying with you).

And should the bear attack, the group recommends that you immediately hit the ground on your belly and protect the back of your neck. Once the attack stops, stay still until you are certain the bear is gone.

"If an attack is prolonged," Bear Smart Society adds, "[the bear] is no longer being defensive, and it is time to fight back.”

But hopefully, your bear story comes with a happy ending like Glassner's instead.