Spanish Junkyard Bull Guards
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

After his scrap yard in Montserrat, Spain, was robbed seven times this summer, Emilio Cerveró decided he needed an upgrade. And, because he is Spanish, Cerveró decided that this security upgrade would come in the form of two guard bulls.

The pair of toro bravos—the breed used for Spanish bullfighting—now freely roams his scrap yard. Cerveró hopes their presence will deter thieves who have cut through the chainlink fence around his property.

The yard, which sells scrap metal and second hand auto parts, started seeing break-ins when part of the property was taken over by the government to build a road. Around the new perimeter, authorities installed a flimsy fence where there used to be a proper wall, Cerveró told La Sexta, a Spanish news station. Since the installation of the fence, four of his guard dogs have run out in the street and been killed by passing vehicles.

Because the state will not let him rebuild another wall, Cerveró took drastic measures and bought two fighting bulls. The bulls now enjoy a calm life in the scrap yard.

“The bulls can roam around freely in the yard and let’s hope they do their job,” he told La Sexta. “All I am trying to do is protect my property.”