By Cailey Rizzo
October 16, 2019

How did we not know?

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For the past few years, clubs across Germany have been taking on pug racing, hoping to rebrand the short, stubby animals as an active breed of dog.

“This isn’t a competitive race,” Angelika Schmorr, owner of a pug named Lulu, told the New York Times at Saturday's competition in Hamburg. “We are all here just for the fun of it.”

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Although the races are popular across Germany, they're no longer happening in the capital as Berlin recently announced that after a decade, they will no longer host a competition, according to German news agency, dpa.

Their race, named the International Pug Meeting, began about a decade ago and was organized by husband-and-wife breeders, Thomas and Beate Zupan. The final run took place in August.

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The day attracted pug owners and lovers from all across Europe who bring their animals to rub snouts with others. The racetrack is a 50-meter dash, complete with high-speed camera at the finish line so a clear winner can always be named.

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Prizes were awarded to the first three finishers as well as to the last place pup, according to The Times in London.

Spectators disapointed that they'll no longer be able to catch pugs in action in Berlin, will have to head to Hamburg as they've recently announced they'll release the date for their 2020 races soon.