This once-in-a-lifetime experience will let you see the magic of Iceland in an unforgettable way.


There are trips, and there are dream trips. Black Tomato’s newest adventure in Iceland firmly falls in the latter.

On Wednesday, the luxury vacation company announced the addition of North Iceland: Swim With Humpback Whales Beneath the Midnight Sun as part of its 2021 lineup.

“At Black Tomato, we are always in search of the wondrous, rare moments in travel — the ones that take your breath away — that no one has done before,” the company explained in a statement. “We put our heads together, researching and designing a once-in-a-lifetime world first: snorkeling and swimming with humpback whales under the midnight sun in Iceland."

The journey follows the gorgeous sea creatures as they migrate from the Caribbean to Iceland to feed. According to the company, it’s identified the perfect dive site so guests can spot as many of the gentle giants as possible.

Person watching whale breech
Credit: Courtesy of Black Tomato

It’s key to note that this experience can only happen on the whale’s schedule, meaning it only takes place from June through early August in a discreet location.

The five-day trip begins in Reykjavik, where guests will be transferred via plane to Akureyri, the capital of the North, and stay at Hótel Kea Akureyri. On the first day, guests will also get to take part in a private jet ski tour of Ólafsvík, and get to soak in a private hot tub.

On day two, guests will head out for arctic snorkeling off the island of Grímsey. Don’t worry. They have all the gear you need. Afterward, guests will get to warm up with a visit to the GeoSea sea baths.

Snorkeling with whale in Iceland
Credit: Courtesy of Black Tomato

Day three is when the real magic happens. It’s then that guests will take a 4x4 drive at Lake Mývatn, located at the heart of the Diamond Circle, past the volcano Mt. Hverfjall, and along Lúdentarborgir crater row. Guests will take a short guided hike across the lava fields to the entrance of Lofthellir cave. Later in the evening, guests will transfer to Eyjafjörður where they’ll be given equipment and a detailed briefing about how to behave in the water, close to the majestic whales. Then, they will jump into the fjord filled with humpback whales under the midnight sun.

Day four guests can decompress at the famed Blue Lagoon Retreat before heading home the next day. The trip begins at $9,998 per person. Check out more information and book here.