The labrador has reportedly saved 52 lives during her career.


Frida the dog is truly proving to be man’s best friend.

The adorable labrador retriever is a member of the Mexican Marines Canine Unit, and according to reports, is a star employee.

Buzzfeed reported the pup has saved 52 people from different disasters and emergencies over the years, including 12 she was able to sniff out underneath the rubble in the devastating aftermath of Mexico’s 8.1-magnitude earthquake on Sept. 8.

Now, she’s back at work again following the country’s most recent quake, working alongside her other canine companions to find survivors trapped in collapsed buildings around Mexico City.

While on the job, Frida, along with the other dogs, wears protective gear to ensure she is safe from the elements including large goggles to protect her eyes from dust and debris, dog booties to ensure her paws are not scratched or punctured while digging through the rubble, and a harness so she can be assisted out of any situation by her human coworkers.

Frida’s adorable look, heroic behavior, and true bravery are not going unnoticed. In fact, people the world over have taken note of Frida and the whole canine unit and have shared their thanks with the pup for her actions on social media. Even the office of Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, tweeted out its sincere thanks to Frida.

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