By Andrea Romano
September 25, 2019

Dogs love Disney, too. And if you need proof, meet Nala, a golden retriever service dog who loves spending her time at Disney World in Orlando with her handler.

Nala and her handler, Megan Leigh, are frequent park guests, as shown on the lovable dog’s Instagram account, which shows her wearing Mickey ears and visiting just about every cast member in the park for the world to enjoy.

“Nala and I have been to Disney more days than I can count,” said Leigh to The Dodo. “She has stepped foot (or paw) into a Disney park at least 50 separate times.”

Nala has met Ariel, Ana from "Frozen," Mary Poppins, Captain Jack Sparrow, and basically every Disney character under the sun, but, according to The Dodo, she absolutely loves Donald Duck everytime they visit.

A video of Nala being “reunited” with Donald Duck, dressed in a serape and sombrero, has been pulling at the heartstrings of everyone on the internet. In the video, you can see Nala sweetly place her head in Donald’s lap, perfectly content to stay there forever.

“She loves him a lot,” Leigh told The Dodo. And apparently the feeling is mutual since Donald looks pretty happy to cuddle with the dog on a hot afternoon. Nala is certainly a friendly dog, but she apparently doesn’t always crawl into cast members’ laps.

Nala is autism and PTSD trained for Leigh, who has high-functioning autism. One of the key jobs that Nala does is helping Leigh navigate through crowds and keep a safe amount of space from other people, according to the Miami Herald. Obviously, this is extremely important while walking through the busy Disney World parks.

It's important to remember that she is a service dog first, and she has an important job to do. Luckily, her experience in the parks may make her uniquely skilled at keeping her handler safe, since certain service dog organizations even take trips to Disney in order to train dogs for difficult situations.

But the internet is perfectly happy just to see Nala getting pets from Disney princesses and riding the teacup ride.