This Widowed Otter Found New Love Thanks to Online Dating

E-harmony, but make it otters.

Harris was lucky enough to find love in his life once. However, after the death of his true love, Apricot, his friends hoped to help him find love once again.

Sorry, all you love-sick humans, but there’s one catch here: Harris is a 10-year-old Asian short-clawed otter. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t use human technology to find his next mate.

Harris’ friends and handlers at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary went on the hunt for a new mate and utilized the internet to find him a potential match. To help the process along, the humans set up their own dating website just for him called Fishing for Love.

Harris, the otter, looking for love. A Graphic illustrating a dating profile with an otter
Courtesy of The Cornish Seal Sanctuary

“Whilst he appeared to have resigned himself back to the bachelor lifestyle, there's now no female telling him how to make his bed — what a mess,” the humans wrote about their tiny friend. “Naturally, otters live in pairs, and he's such a good partner that the team wanted him to be able to get a second chance of love. The search began to find Harris a new partner.”

Harris’ little dating profile highlighted all his best features, reading, “I am very attentive, I love to cuddle, and I am a very good listener.” It added, “I will love you like no otter.”

Harris the otter at Cornish Seal Sanctuary
Courtesy of Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Though a bit corny (let’s be honest, what human dating profile isn’t), it appears the profile did the trick.

“The team were delighted to receive some photos back from an otter looking for love at Scarborough SEA LIFE who also recently lost her partner,” Harris’ human friends shared. “Pumpkin, a female otter in Scarborough has very recently lost her elderly partner Eric, so the team thought they would be the perfect match.”

However, there was one snag. As the team explained, introducing Asian short-clawed otters can be “nerve-racking and difficult to get right.” To ensure a smooth meeting, the male (Harris) must be introduced to the female (Pumpkin) in her enclosure. So, for the time being, Harris is making a move to his new girlfriend’s house.

Pumpking the otter taking a swim at SEA LIFE TRUST sanctuary
Courtesy of SEA LIFE TRUST

"After having recently losing her best friend Eric, Pumpkin... has been extremely lonely so we are delighted that Harris will be coming to join her at SEA LIFE Scarborough and hope his arrival will provide Pumpkin with comfort and companionship,” Todd German, display curator at SEA LIFE Scarborough, said in a statement.

Here’s hoping Pumpkin and Harris get the second chance they both deserve.

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