You win this round, flamingo.


An adorably nervous golden retriever is intrigued by a strange, giant creature, a pool flamingo, that seems to have infiltrated its most sacred territory: the backyard. Naturally, the curious pup has to check out the scene. You know, just to see if it’s safe for its humans. As good dogs should.

The dog carefully approaches the alien, pink beast, so as not to disturb it. As soon as the pooch boops the flamingo with its nose, it clearly discovers something truly frightening — and probably plastic-scented.

Luckily, the furry hero is able to run away and protect itself with a trusty, red ball before the flamingo becomes aware of what just happened. That was a close call, pup.

The dog’s owner can be heard laughing in the background of the video, as it seems humans just don’t understand these kinds of dire situations.

There’s no telling whether the pool flamingo will retaliate, but we’re guessing it’ll probably just sit there — unless a strong wind comes along.