Rubio waits outside the hotel.
Credit: Mascotas Puerto Madero/Getty Images

Flight attendants make friends all over the world as they travel for their work, and sometimes those friends have four legs and cold noses.

Flight attendant Olivia Sievers frequently works a flight route that takes her from her home in Germany to Buenos Aires, Argentina. During one such trip, she encountered a friendly street pup (or “un perro callejero” as they say in Argentina) and being a dog lover, she gave the dog some food and played with him for a bit before heading back to her hotel.

That’s when the dog, now named Rubio, fell in love.

According to The Dodo, Rubio started to follow Sievers back to the hotel and while she tried to dissuade him, even shaking up her route to try and lose him, he was determined.

When Sievers went inside the Puerto Madero Hilton, Rubio sat outside and waited for her.

Sievers had to return to Germany, but Rubio did not forget her. When Sievers returned to Buenos Aires, Rubio was there to greet her and the loyal pup continued to greet her each time she flew back and forth for work over the following months.

After an attempt to have a rescue group take Rubio failed when the pup escaped and returned to the hotel, Sievers gave in. She started the process to adopt Rubio and bring him to Germany with her.

Last week, Rubio flew to his new home in Germany, where Sievers got a chance to wait for him.