Flamingo wildlife hurricane irma busch gardens florida evacuation
Credit: Getty Images/Gallo Images

The flamingos at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, made an orderly evacuation ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival in the style of “Fantasia 2000.”

In a neat procession, the 250 Caribbean and Chilean flamingos from the Florida theme park followed a zookeeper to a safe enclosure to weather out the storm.

The flamingos were just a handful of the 12,000 animals that Busch Gardens moved to secure locations ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival in Florida. A zoological team remained onsite to ensure care for the animals while the storm outside rages.

Teams at the Miami Zoo and the Florida Museum of Natural History all prepared for the hurricane by evacuating animals and securing exhibits.

However not all the animals across the state were moved inside. Species who are native to storm-prone zones have developed natural instincts to help them survive the storm. And moving them inside can cause unnecessary stress.

The alligators at Florida’s Gatorland in Orlando will remain outside during the storm. The alligators can sink to the bottom of their swamp and emerge when the hurricane passes. Two eight-foot fences will prevent the alligators from leaving their enclosure.