Fiona the Baby Hippo Cincinnati Zoo
Credit: Courtesy of Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

You may think you’ve seen the cutest thing on the internet by now, but you’re wrong.

Fiona the Hippo, a 10-month-old Nile hippopotamus and the apple of the Cincinnati Zoo’s (and America’s) eye, might be the most darling animal anyone’s ever seen. Her sweet smile and dainty feet — yes, we did just call a hippo "dainty" — will warm even the coldest of hearts.

And just when we thought Fiona couldn't possibly get any more adorable, she went and one-upped herself by sharing an adorable kiss through the glass of her enclosure with a cute little girl visiting the zoo.

This truly might be the only good and pure thing in the world right now.

This magical moment happened earlier this month, and honestly, we’re only disappointed we didn’t see it in person.

But luckily, Fiona is always around to give people a pick-me-up via social media. Her meme-worthy face is frequently on the Cincinnati Zoo Instagram account, and she’s always ready to jump in on visitors' special moments.

Perhaps you remember when she was dying to assist on this happy couple’s romantic marriage proposal?

Fiona makes everything better.