Elephants in South Africa seem to have had it with gawkers.

Last week, a group of Northern Irish tourists in South Africa received the shock of their lives when an elephant began charging their safari vehicle.

“He looks cross,” one of the tourists said while approaching the elephant. Not a moment later the elephant began charging (it appeared) straight for the vehicle. Although at the last second, the elephant turned to avoid the jeep.

“My god! That one close!” one woman screamed after the crisis had been averted. Little did she realize that the car full of vehicles had been deliberately warned, but spared.

Just a few weeks earlier, another elephant in South Africa’s Sungulwane region picked up a tree branch and threw it at a jeep full of tourists. Watch the video above of the incident.

“The branch almost hit my head, and landed on the passengers seat where luckily no one was sitting,” the person who filmed the video said.

These close encounters are obviously a sign that it’s only a matter of time before the elephant revolution is upon us.

To exercise precaution while on safari, tourists should remain in their vehicles at all time, keep their voices at a low volume and listen to the guide’s directions at all times.