By Andrea Romano
October 01, 2018
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All good boys know they should always use the doorbell.

According to the Spokesman-Review, a golden retriever puppy named Marshall, living outside Spokane, Washington, managed to ring the doorbell to let his owner know that he was ready to come back inside.

The pooch accidentally got out of the house and had locked himself on the porch on Tuesday, September 25.

According to Gizmodo, Marshall's owner, Greg Basel, had a Nest video doorbell system installed to produce a knocking sound whenever someone comes to ring the bell. Nest customers can customize their notification sounds through an app.

As Marshall pawed at the door, the video taken by the doorbell system shows the “knocking” sound as the puppy sniffs the camera. Luckily, his owner was home to let him in and you can hear the door opening at the tail end of the video.

Good boy, Marshall. He’ll be bringing in the paper and helping deliver packages in no time.