Bogart and Winston are basically royalty in Denmark.

By Andrea Romano
May 14, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

Every dog should be treated like royalty, but one couple in Denmark has the next best thing.

According to Insider, owners of a three-year-old bulldog named Bogart (as in Humphrey Bogart) decided to have a little fun with their curious canine. Since Bogart is a big fan of sticking his head through holes in their fence, they decided to paint adorable “costumes” on the other side for people to see as they walk by.

Credit: Courtesy of Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

The so-called costumes work a little like photo stand-in boards (sometimes called cutout boards or face-in-the-hole boards) that you see on boardwalks or amusement parks. Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, one of Bogart’s humans, said her daughter painted the costumes — one of which looks like a king, with a crown and royal robe, and another that looks like a jester’s hat, Insider reported.

The Levinsen’s live close to a hiking trail in Grasten, Denmark, so lots of people end up passing by, according to Insider. Bogart, and his seven-year-old sister Winston, are naturally curious about the strangers walking by their yard every day.

In fact, when Winston was younger, she would apparently jump over the fence. As a solution to Winston’s jumping, the Levinsens cut three holes in the fence so she could easily stick her head out to greet the passersby, according to Insider. Years later, the Levinsen’s added Bogart to their family, and he also enjoyed this special viewing spot.

"There are a lot of people passing by every day," Levinsen said to Insider. "They are taking pictures of the dogs, and locals stop to talk to them and give them a snack sometimes." Photos and video of Bogart staring out through one of the holes, decorated like a kingly robe, have already made the rounds on social media.

Levinsen said that Bogart also isn’t much of a walker, so the holes are one way for him to socialize with people. “In the beginning, we had to carry him out," she said to Insider. "He's so special. He's very cute, very loving. He is very sweet but so stubborn. He doesn't like to walk."

Credit: Courtesy of Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

Only two of the three holes have the painted costumes, but the Levinsen’s have been thinking of a third costume to make their fence complete. “I was thinking about something like a [bowler] hat with a cigar or a baby hat with lace," she said to Insider. "We haven't decided yet."

Let’s hope there will be plenty of pictures when they do.