An adorable little dachshund named Molly who suffers from intervertebral disc disease doesn’t let her condition get in the way of having fun in the snow with her siblings.

According to Metro, Molly’s owner, Susan Freeman, made her some nifty skis back in 2015 to let the tiny dog glide through the Canadian snow with ease.

“We decided to order her a cart so that she could be mobile again – but during the winter we noticed that Molly had issues getting the cart through the snow,” Freeman told Metro.

Molly’s debilitating disease causes paralysis, which left her without the use of her back legs. Luckily, she seems to be moving easily as she slips around in the woods. Maybe she’ll even be ready to hit the slopes soon.

“Molly is now very happy – she loves to ski and goes so fast. She also gets so much attention from others when they see her,” Freeman said.

Now, it looks like her doggie siblings are the ones having trouble keeping up with the speedy pup.