Attention, Thrill Seekers: You Can Swim With Crocodiles in Australia

It's called the “Cage of Death.”

Crocodile "cage of death" in Australia
Photo: Crocosaurus Cove

Australia is home to many things: a David Bowie festival, an IKEA-themed ferry you can rent, a costumed Dachshund race...but of course, the land down under is also home to crocdiles.

And if seeing crocodiles is on your bucket list, you can now swim with crocodiles in a device called the “Cage of Death.”

Crocosaurus Cove

The “cage” is actually a plastic tube that gives thrill seekers a chance to swim face-to-face with crocodiles.

A single dive costs about $126, or $190 for two divers.

Crocosaurus Cove

The dives are during feeding times, meaning you're likely to see more than one and they're going to be hungry. The attraction is located at Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, an aquarium that houses more than 200 crocs—some of which are more than 16 feet long.

If there was ever a time to opt for the photos almost every attraction tries to pawn off on visitors, this is it.

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