Swimming with flamongos
Credit: Getty Images

Swimming with dolphins seems so last year.

About 10 minutes by boat from the island of Aruba, there is an island owned by the luxury Renaissance hotel chain where flamingos like to roam, and vacationers are able to take a dip with the pink, feathery creatures.

Normally, flamingos migrate from July to March, but this one island seems to be the exception, since flamingos are seen all year round.

According to TripAdvisor, some visitors have suspected that the birds have had their wings clipped so they cannot fly. However, these reports have not been confirmed.

In order to get a chance to spend a day with a flamingo, guests must either pay for a night at the hotel or pay $99 for a day on the island.

Many flamingo lovers have been flocking to the private island for selfies with the birds.

And there are also many other Caribbean islands where you can take a photo with flamingos during the times of year when their regular migratory pattern brings them to various islands.

The Galápagos, Island of Bonaire around Goto Lake, or Yucatan peninsula are all great flamingo options.