Roadside portrait of a friendly black labrador.
Credit: Getty Images

Camping is great no matter who you've got with you, but add a dog into the equation and everything gets a little more fun. In fact, if camping with dogs — or even just the idea of doing so — is something you're into, you're going to love this Instagram account.

Aptly named @campingwithdogs, the entire account purpose is to share stunning photos of man (or woman) and their best friend enjoying the great outdoors.

From puppies very visibly enjoying the fresh air to older pups sitting underneath a starry sky, this account is the kind of thing that pushes you over the edge and right into the closest dog shelter to pick up adoption papers. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Check out some of these furry friends:

Ugh, we can't get enough of it. You too? Head on over to the @campingwithdogs Instagram account for more adorable pets and their camp-inclined owners.