Birds can be a hazard for planes in flight, but on Tuesday, it was a plane that posed a very serious hazard to a bird.

American Airlines Flight 1498 from Mexico City was on its way to Miami around 11 a.m. local time when a bird slammed into the nose of the plane. Bird strikes are not uncommon, however what made this instance unique was that the bird was then stuck to the plane for the rest of the flight.

The plane was able to land and taxi without any problems, and no injuries to passengers or crew were reported. The bird, however, did not survive.

Local outlet ABC News 10 reported that an American Airlines employee called this particular bird strike is unusual.

“It is true that we deal with bird strikes, that does happen,” they said. “But never like this.”

After landing, animal services retrieved the bird from the plane, which was then taken in for repairs. The bird had punctured a hole in the nose cone on impact.

According to the FAA, there have been more than 160,000 bird strikes in the last 25 years, Miami's ABC 13 reported. Most of the time, they do not disrupt flights.