Places to put your pup’s best paw forward.


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Your daily walks might be your dog’s favorite part of the day. It’s a time for him (or her) to get out and explore the neighborhood, meet other dogs, and even bond with his human. Plus, owners know that walking the dog is important for their pup’s physical health, too—they need the exercise and it helps them burn off excess energy so they don’t go stir-crazy indoors.

With that in mind, the experts at wondered whether some cities are better for walking the dog than others. Like city “walkability” ratings for humans, researchers ranked the most “walkable” cities for dogs. The experts looked at three factors to determine the rankings of 29 major cities: average minutes per dog walk (based on data from jobs), the amount of dog parks per 10,000 residents, and the city’s official “WalkScore.”

San Francisco, California, topped the list for most walkable—dog walkers spent an average of 32 minutes per walk (the recommended walk time is 30 to 60 minutes) and the city has three dog parks per 10,000 people. Second place Portland, Oregon had an average walk time of 29 minutes and five dog parks per 10,000 people. Seattle, Washington, came in third with an average walking time of 26 minutes and two dog parks per 10,000 people—it’s worth noting that Seattle allows dogs in most of its public parks.

Take a look at the top 10 most “walkable” cities for dogs (with the overall dog walking score) and see the rest of the list at

  1. San Francisco, California; dog walking score of 94.6
  2. Portland, Oregon; dog walking score of 84.6
  3. Seattle, Washington; dog walking score of 64.3
  4. Tampa, Florida; dog walking score of 63.0
  5. Washington, D.C.; dog walking score of 62.3
  6. New York, New York; dog walking score of 58.3
  7. St. Louis, Missouri; dog walking score of 56.3
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota; dog walking score of 54.4
  9. Riverside, California; dog walking score of 53.6
  10. San Jose, California; dog walking score of 52.6
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