Virgin Australia
Credit: Andrew Hanlon/Getty Images

Bird enthusiasts know that owls love to catch some zzzs in nice, dark crevices, where they’re shielded from the harsh light of day.

These nocturnal animals usually like to stow away in the hollows of trees and barns — or inside plane engines, apparently.

A small barn owl was snoozing inside the engine of a Virgin Australia plane, minding its own business, when a team of airport workers at the Sydney Airport disturbed its nap during their pre-flight check on April 18, Perth Now reported.

Sheesh, can’t an owl get in a few winks inside a giant piece of machinery anymore?

For both flight safety and owl safety, the bird was removed from the engine and checked for any injuries before being released back into the wild, according to Hopefully, it’ll think twice before napping at the airport again.

Snakes on a plane may be some cause for alarm, but owls on a plane just seem magical.

Virgin Australia posted on Twitter about their avian discovery, writing, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve woken up?”

Virgin owner Richard Branson responded to the news with his own pun, saying, “Just when I thought I’d seen it owl ... Great job team.”

There are lots of places around the world where you can see owls, besides plane engines in Australia. The Great Lakes region in the United States is a great place to spot snowy owls since it’s a popular stop on their migration patterns.