Credit: Frank Elbers / EyeEm/Getty Images

Just when we thought we saw it all when it comes to emotional support animals, a "Bachelor" contestant brought along a cow to help ease her nerves when meeting her potential husband.

Jenna Serrano, a 24-year-old nursing student, greeted Peter Weber, a Delta pilot trying to find love, made quite the entrance when she introduced him to her large furry friend, named Ashley P.

And even though calming down with the help of a cow isn't exactly unheard of — a farm in upstate New York offers “cow cuddling” sessions for visitors who stay at a bed & breakfast for $75 partake in the Dutch tradition of “koe knuffelen,” which involves petting, brushing and maybe even lying down with cows in a pasture — Serrano was eliminated from the dating competition show.

Even though she's now longer competing for the love of Weber, she and Ashley P. may have won over a a few hearts on the Internet, (or just confused people).

Although emotional support animals are usually thought to be dogs or cats, other critters that have caused a buzz on social media throughout the years have been peacocks, marmosets and miniature horses ​​​on an airplane.

Of Weber's premiere episode that aired on Monday, "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter,"[His three-hour premiere] is definitely an indication of what’s happened and what’s to come, which is: I don’t think there’s ever again going to be a 'traditional' show. I think those days are long gone. It is a turbulent, wild, emotional, gut-wrenching ride right up until the very end. You won’t predict how this comes to a conclusion."