Watch These Adorable Twin Panda Cubs Take Their First Steps in Public

The twin cubs are the second and third pandas to be born in France.

Baby pandas are cute enough but twin baby pandas are almost unBEARable. Pun intended.

Twin baby pandas from ZooParc de Beauval
Courtesy of ZooParc de Beauval

The female twins, named Huanlili and Yuandudu, were born in early August at the Beauval Zoo, or ZooParc de Beauval, in France. Since the cubs were entirely reliant on their mothers during their first few months of life, Huanlili and Yuandudu didn't appear in public until Dec. 11 when they were about four months old.

In their earliest days, pandas aren't exactly the lovable balls of black and white fur that we know them to be. They're born blind, furless, and pink.

For animal lovers, the wait has paid off. In a video released by Beauval Zoo, located just south of Paris, the twins can be seen clumsily exploring the territory they'll call home. There's some slipping and sliding on the smooth floor and at one point, they're even seen trying to climb the rocks with mild success.

The cubs' mother, Huan Huan, and father, Yuan Zi, also call the Beauval Zoo home and are on a 10-year loan from China as a way to highlight the nation's good relationship with France, The Associated Press reported. Huanlili and Yuandudu are France's second and third cubs after Yuan Meng, the first panda ever born in France, came into the world in 2017.

Twin baby pandas from ZooParc de Beauval
Courtesy of ZooParc de Beauval Youtube

As local celebrities of sorts, Huanlili and Yuandudu also have famous (human) godparents: French soccer star Kylian Mbappé and Chinese Olympic diving champion, Zhang Jiaqi. The athletes even announced the cubs' names during a ceremony in November.

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