These baby goats are all we need right now.
Baby goat

Are you bored yet?

While it’s certainly a strange and unprecedented time for our planet, as people hunker down at home to combat the spread of coronavirus, there’s still a lot that can keep you entertained. From taking virtual tours of world-famous museums to exploring the great outdoors on a digital tour of a national park to even livestreaming an opera into your living room, there are plenty of options.

But those digital experiences just got a whole lot cuter thanks to a livestream feed from the 219-year-old Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, New York. The farm put a live feed on their seriously adorable group of baby goats for all of us to enjoy.

According to the website, the farm’s goats are in kidding season, which means there are plenty of precious new kids (baby goats) for us to watch all day in the nursery. The majority of the time, it seems, the kids are cuddled up like a sweet family snoring the days away without a care in mind.

The goats are all part of Beekman 1802, a lifestyle brand that produces soaps and cheeses using goat milk on the upstate New York farm. Founded by Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell in 2008, Beekman 1802 wasn’t a planned venture, but something that happened naturally. “When we stumbled across the Beekman Farm in upstate New York, we had no plans to create a business around it,” the company’s website says. “We started making goat milk soaps and gourmet cheeses in 2008 and one thing led to another.”

And thank god it did. Now more than ever, we need hand soap and baby goat cams.

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For more information on Beekman 1802 — and their kids — visit their official website.