Get ready for a cuteness overload.

By Talia Avakian
January 10, 2017
Credit: CraigRJD/Getty Images

Australia is home to some of the world's cutest creatures, from koalas to kangaroos. And they make for more than a cute photo.

Tourism Australia and Qantas Airlines have highlighted the country's array of wildlife as the top posts of 2016 when it came to showcasing Australia as a "memorable and desirable holiday destination," with the critters serving as a prime tourism tool for the country.

Last month, the two companies invited the Australian tourism industry to submit their top social media posts from the year, with a panel of judges from Tourism Australia and Qantas determining the winners to be showcased as part of the G'Day USA Competition.

When it came to the best photo, Margaret River Discovery Co. company owner, Sean Blockside's image of two kangaroos in front of a full moon took the top prize.

The best video went to the Australian Reptile Park with its heartwarming coverage of a baby wombat, George, and his caretaker, drawing in a whopping 32 million views.

The best overall winner was this inspiring footage of a butterfly photobombing a koala's photoshoot and landing on her nose, bringing in around 40.3 million views.

To showcase how loveable the country's animals can be, we've rounded up the top 10 animal posts from Tourism Australia's Instagram, showcasing everything from emus and turtles to baby quokkas.