This airport pooch needs a name so he can get to work.

By Stacey Leasca
Updated March 11, 2020
Goose chasing dog needs name in Bentonville.
Credit: Debbie Griffin/Courtesy of City of Bentonville

The city of Bentonville, Arkansas needs everyone’s help in a very important matter: Naming its new goose-chasing dog who will soon work at the municipal airport.

According to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the city purchased a brand-new male border collie from Flyaway Geese, a company that specifically trains dogs on how to “disperse geese and other birds” away from airports.

Currently, Flyaway Geese says it’s deciding between two of its dogs for the role, Wyatt or Marks. Flyaway Geese owner Rebecca Gibson told the paper that cities typically re-name their pups once they arrive, and it takes the dogs an average of two to four weeks to learn their new name.

Though it is really adorable, the new dog will indeed have an important job to do. According to the paper, the airport has experienced a rather serious goose problem over the last few years. But, with the help of their new canine friend, the city is hoping to drive away the geese, pushing their nesting grounds as far away as possible.  City officials also noted, the new dog also will be used to chase away geese from city parks as well.

Think you’ve got the perfect name for the pooch?  Suggestions can be submitted via or directly on the city's Facebook page. So far, more than 280 comments have been made on the post, suggesting a few stellar names already.

“Maverick because of op Gun OR Duke. Duke, Duke, Goose,” one commenter added.

“With his color of Black and White, reminds me of the old police car colors. Many agencies are starting to go back to Black and White patrol car color schemes. So with that said, I would name the dog Trooper,” another noted.

“Such wonderful names offered - so many good fits! With our airport code being VBT, I'll add Victor Bravo Tango to the mix. Mr. Victor B. Tango, reporting for duty,” one more resident of the town said.

The deadline to submit a name is 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, so if you better act fast.