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A fishing trip in Alaska's Day Harbor turned into the whale-watching trip of a lifetime.

Brad Rich, an Alaskan fisherman, caught an amazing display of humpback whales feeding on video.

It started out looking pretty calm.

Then Rich says, "I hear 'em," and the whales erupt from the water, mouths agape and blowholes spouting.

Throughout the incredible encounter Rich's uncontrollable laughter and sometimes profanity-laced exclamations are priceless.

"I was just in awe," Rich told KTVA Alaska, "I knew that humpbacks do this group feeding. So I knew what was happening as soon as it happened. But to be in the middle of that, to actually experience that as to just watching it, it was the most awe-inspiring thing, it’s the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me."

The whales swim below schools of little fish or krill and blow a circle of air bubbles out of their blowholes as they spiral upwards towards the surface. These bubbles surround their prey and form a type of net. The bubbles push their food into a small ball that makes easy pickings for the whales as they surge upward with mouths wide open.

Brad Rich was lucky enough to see it firsthand, and we were lucky that he shared it on YouTube. Check out the video.