Puerto Rico Wants You to 'Adopt' an Adorable Little Frog

A $25 donation will help Puerto Rico protect its population of coquí, a tiny frog endemic to the island.

Coqui, little frog, in Puerto Rico
Photo: Courtesy of Discover Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico is inviting wanderlusters and animal lovers alike to make a small donation in exchange for a major gesture: adopting a coquí frog.

"The coquí, an endemic amphibian on the Island, enchants the forest at night with its peculiar song that sounds the same as its name ('co-kee')," Discover Puerto Rico explained of the creature.

The tourism organization shared more fun facts about the frog to entice donors, including the fact that males attempt to attract females using their song. And, "although the female coquí doesn't sing, it emits a sound when it feels threatened."

And, the coquí is "considered the loudest known amphibian; its call has been recorded at peaks of a hundred decibels from three feet away," so maybe it's the perfect gift for the loudmouth in your life, too.

For a donation of $25, anyone can adopt a coquí. In exchange, the person will receive a digital keepsake adoption certificate with their name on it as a memory of this special gesture. Even better, 100% of the proceeds from the donations will go to Conservación ConCiencia, an island environmental research and conservation non-profit.

Aerial view of El Yunque in Puerto Rico
Courtesy of Discover Puerto Rico

"In good time, you'll plan a future visit to our forest to enjoy their serenade in person," Discover Puerto Rico said. "But, in the meantime, you can virtually adopt a coquí and support on-Island sustainability and conservation programs."

To learn more about the frog, the rain forest, and everything Puerto Rico has to offer visitors — and to adopt your own little coqui — visit the Discover Puerto Rico website now.

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