I Take This $27 Phone Mount With Me on Every Road Trip — and It's Perfect for the Kitchen, Too

From GPS to recipes, this gadget does it all.

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 andobil Car Phone Holder


Some people don’t like road trips. I am not one of those people. I spent last summer driving around Alaska, and it gave me a completely new perspective of the place. I had previously visited by plane and by cruise, but driving really allowed me to stop and see whatever it was that I wanted — which in places like national parks, or the vastness of Alaska, is important. 

But all great road trips have the same big issue: the rental car, which doesn’t offer the accessories I need, like a phone mount, to be successful for 6-plus hours in a car. While some allow you to connect your phone directly to a monitor, I want my phone within reach in case I need to snap a photo of a waterfall. Other rental cars come with nothing, and so a friend is stuck holding the phone up the entire trip, directing and in charge of the music. And I don’t know about you, but that’s too much responsibility for my friends.

And even though not every rental car has a screen, they all have cup holders. That’s why this Andobil Car Phone Holder is the one I bring on every single road trip. Plus, it's surprisingly affordable from $27, and right now, you can even get one model on sale thanks to a special Amazon on-site coupon.

 andobil Car Phone Holder

To buy: amazon.com, from $25

There are several features that make this phone mount stand out. The first is that it’s compatible with any phone and easy to adjust. The click of a button opens mechanical arms on both sides, and you just pinch them together to tighten. This means your phone, even if you have a bulky case or a cardholder, can fit in it. 

The mount also has a mechanical arm with the ability to swivel up and down (it can orient your phone to be horizontal, vertical, or really however you like) so you can exact the perfect angle, all while staying firmly rooted in your cup holder. And the length can extend or contract depending on how close you want it to you. 

I like that it’s designed to fit in the cupholder, so that I can focus on the road and keep it out of sight until I need to glance down to check on a turn. If you’re not partial to the cup holder mount, it is also capable of being mounted on your air vent or on the windshield. The suction device it uses to cling to glass is strong (read: it can hold 44 pounds!), meaning you can try it out on as many different spots until you find the perfect positioning. Because the suction part is reusable and washable, just rinse it with water, let it air dry, and wait for it to get stick again

 andobil Car Phone Holder

Travel + Leisure / Daniel Modlin

But, I’m not the only fan. Amazon shoppers also appreciate this phone mount while driving. “This car mount works better than any other one that I have brought,” raved one. “I love the push buttons on the side that releases my phone and I love how my phone stays in place.” Another added, “Even going down gravel roads with holes, I don't have to worry about my cell phone bouncing all over the place.” They continued, “It holds it safe and secure with no issues whatsoever.”.

But beyond being perfect for road trips, I recently learned of a new use for it thanks to one shopper: “This can also double as a really effective phone holder in the kitchen. I've stuck it upside down on my cabinet and it's made reading recipes much easier,” they reported. This is what really put it over the top for me. While it is slightly bigger than other phone mounts, its versatility makes it something I refuse to go on a trip without. That said, the Andobil Car Phone Holder has earned a spot in my suitcase, and in any cup holder, too. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $25.

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