The Norfolk, Virginia harbor
Credit: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Expansive, clean beaches, a flourishing public art scene, and a dizzying number of craft breweries — these are just a few of the reasons locals love their hometown of Norfolk, Virginia.

This year, Norfolk snagged the No. 1 spot in our annual America’s Favorite Places survey, which asks readers to weigh in about what makes their hometown great (or, in some cases, maybe not so great).

To determine the list of overall winners, we took a composite score of the individual categories, which ranged from the cities with the best things to see and do, to the ones with the cleanest streets and friendliest locals. This year, Norfolk impressed on all fronts.

Virginians from Norfolk raved about the amiable year-round weather, the approachable residents, and its under-the-radar vibe.

Of course, Norfolk wasn’t the only city to earn rave reviews from residents. Upstate New York cities Rochester and Buffalo made strong showings this year, as did one particularly delicious city on the Gulf Coast.

Don’t agree with the results? Be sure to vote for your hometown in next year's survey.