WOW Air Is Coming Back but It Won’t Be Flying Any Passengers (Video)

It’s been about a year since WOW Air — known for its ultra-cheap flights to Iceland — declared bankruptcy, and seven months since the airline actually ceased operations.

In September, the airline received an $85 million investment and it looked like we’d be able to fly to Iceland again soon on the cheap.

And now, we know WOW Air is coming back — to transport cargo.

According to Icelandic TV station RUV, the airline will relaunch in a few weeks flying between Washington, D.C. and Keflavik. The airline will start with only two planes — transporting fish and other goods — and after that the airline may start scheduled flights to mainland Europe and increase routes due to demand.

WOW Air going cargo only airlines
JOEL SAGET/Getty Images

Not all hope is lost if you dreamed of one day boarding a WOW Air flight — you might just have to wait a while.

Investors in the airline have talked at length about their plans to work with a Michelin chef to bring a healthier dining experience onboard the plane and how they will use biometric data to make the airport more seamless for passengers, according to One Mile at a Time.

It’s unlikely all that planning will be scrapped for good, but we’ll probably just have to wait longer than expected to see it in action.

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