She's 26.

By Erika Owen
September 28, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of EasyJet

Kate McWilliams and Luke Elsworth are your typical 26- and 19-year olds, respectively—aside from the fact that they just piloted a commercial airplane from London to Malta earlier this week.

McWilliams is the world's youngest commercial airplane captain, according to her employer easyJet, and good luck finding a co-pilot younger than Elsworth.

Credit: Courtesy of EasyJet

McWilliams is one of the surprisingly few women airplane captains around the world: There are only 450 of the 130,000 pilots worldwide, according to CNN.

McWilliams joined the easyJet team as a first officer when she was 21, and she's had her career in mind since the age of four after attending her first air show.

At 19, she flew for the first time after joining the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. She's currently based at London's Gatwick Airport.

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