Capital-bound flights are filled with women prepared to march on Saturday.

By Raisa Bruner
January 20, 2017
Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Inauguration Day may be Friday, but Saturday is the big event for many Americans who are headed to Washington, D.C.—not to celebrate the swearing-in of the new president, but to protest him at the first Women's March on Washington.

Expected to draw crowds of 200,000, the Women's March is engaging participants from all over the country who are flying in for the rally. And the flights are appropriately packed with protesters.

Social media posts show flights to D.C. and nearby airports filled with amped-up passengers saying they're headed to the March. Watch these women on a Baltimore-bound flight cheer for their upcoming protest:

And many more posts show just how many people are congregating for this seminal event.

Even some flight attendants used the loudspeaker to shout out to the marchers, referring with pride to the "nasty women" on the flight.

More than 2,000 buses filled with Women's March participants are also expected to arrive in D.C. on Saturday, according to registrations filed with the city for parking.