By Erika Owen
April 28, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

People have given birth on airplanes before, but not many give the honor of naming their child after the airline they were flying on. On a recent Jetstar flight between Singapore and Myanmar, a pregnant woman named Saw Ler Htu unexpectedly went into labor—the airline's regulations allow women less than 40 weeks pregnant on flights lasting four hours or less. Lucky for her, there were three doctors onboard and an incredibly helpful flight crew. After a successful birth, the new mother gave new meaning to the word gratitude: she named her newborn son Saw Jet Star, inspired by the crew's A+ dedication and customer service. In another stroke of luck, Htu's family name is Star, so this isn't as big of a stretch as it could have been.

A spokesperson from Jetstar shared with The Daily Mail that they were "'proud of the way [the crew] assisted with the help of generous doctors on board to ensure the safe delivery of our youngest ever passenger on a flight." The airline was so thrilled with the momentous occasion that aside from the expected round of applause from the entire plane, they donated $1,000 worth of baby supplies to the family. The doctors who lent their expertise were rewarded with flight vouchers.

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