Giving birth on a flight = free flights for life
Credit: Ted Aljibe/Getty Images

About five hours into a flight from Dubai to the Philippines on Cebu Pacific Air, a woman expecting to give birth in October went into labor.

Flight attendants were quick to act, and luckily two nurses were aboard to help deliver the child. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby, and the helpers managed to turn a shelf into an impromptu baby cleaning station.

The plane made an emergency landing in India to ensure the safety of the newborn, given it was born prematurely.

In what may be the best baby present ever, the newborn was awarded a lifetime of flights on Cebu Pacific Air—just for being born on a plane mid-air.

There's no word yet on whether or not the mother will name her child after the airline, as another mother did after giving birth on a Jet Star flight earlier this year. A fellow passenger documented her entire experience watching the mid-flight birth below on Facebook.

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