This is what happens nine months after you join the mile-high club.

By Erika Owen
November 21, 2016

Despite how common they are, airplanes still have an air of mystery.

We may know logically how they can soar in the air thousands of feet above the ground, and what those tiny holes in the windows are for, and why airplane seats will almost never line-up to the windows, but few people are familiar with how an aircraft actually comes together.

For one, getting all of the parts to the same place is a feat in itself. But Airbus shared a video recently that shows one way planes come together—specifically the new A350-1000.

The video shows an Airbus Beluga seemingly give birth to the body of the A350-1000, which will have its maiden flight sometime in 2017, according to the Airbus.

If you think that sounds a little weird, you are 100 percent correct. It looks pretty darn weird.