It's not the wait times.
Airport Security
Credit: UIG via Getty Images

While American travelers are pretty much okay with how long it takes to pass through security, there’s one problem that nobody wants to deal with.

Taking off their shoes.

In a survey by Travel Leaders Group on airport security satisfaction, 27 percent of respondents said they don’t want to take off their shoes when passing through TSA checkpoints. The issue was the highest-rated problem in the survey: The runners-up were excessive pat-downs and limits to liquids allowed in carry-ons.

However, it’s not all bad news for the TSA. Almost 70 percent of travelers are “satisfied” with airport security today. And for those 27 percent of travelers who hate taking off their shoes, enrolling in Pre-Check or Global Entry could eliminate that woe. (Enrollment in these programs has also increased over the past year, according to the Travel Leaders Group data.)

“Based on our newly released survey data, increasing TSA checkpoint personnel and encouraging more travelers to enroll in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry have had the desired impact,” Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko said in a statement.

About 50 percent of travelers are “okay with the amount of time it takes” to pass through security. But another 44 percent of people “wish it was somewhat quicker.” The remainder of respondents were “frustrated by the amount of time it takes” to pass through — although that is a significant reduction from 2016, when 14 percent of people were frustrated by security wait times.