By Marisa Garcia
July 21, 2016
Virgin Australia Redesign Interior
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Australia

If you call MoMA home, cherish your Eames chair, refuse to live without a little Alessi, and consider Jony Ive your personal savior, there is an airplane cabin for you.

Fans of form and function need not despair when planning their flights. We suggest you look for these prestigious design award winners when booking your next ticket.

London Designers tangerine have won both a Red Dot and a Good Design award for Virgin Australia’s new Business Class cabin (photo above), which launched service on Wednesday from Los Angeles to Sydney on the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

The tailored cabin features clean lines and a futuristic aesthetic. The use of space on the customized B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat is impeccably considered for the many things you’ll want do during a 14-hour flight.

There is space to work and dine, and compartments for all in-flight necessities. There’s also very stylish bar, designed by AIM Altitude, where you can sip bubbly as you wait for your next flash of inspiration.

“Great design creates outstanding customer experiences that transform business. This is what we have done for Virgin Australia and it’s shaking the market,” said Matt Round, tangerine’s chief creative officer. “Virgin Australia is a visionary airline. From the CEO down, all of the various stakeholders at Virgin Australia understood and valued the insight that we as designers can bring to a project of this magnitude to create a truly memorable customer experience.”

Virgin Australia Redesign Interior
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia Redesign Interior
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Australia

You should also try flying Qantas’ A380. Its interiors, designed by Marc Newson, have earned a Good Design award and feature the airline’s exclusive ‘Skybed Business Class seat’ plus a lovely lounge.

For the latest in universal design innovations, check out B/E Aerospace’s Red-Dot Award-Winning MiQ seat. It features in Premium Economy onboard Cathay Pacific’s new A350 planes, and soon on American Airline’s new Premium Economy cabins which will launch on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The retracting armrests make it easier to get in and out.

And if you’re more likely to fly in 23B than 1A, you can still get a healthy dose of design in-flight.

Recaro’s Basic Line (BL) 3520 economy seat won a Red Dot Design award for its balance between practical functionality and space optimization, and passenger pleasing features like ergonomic contouring and lots of space for gadgets. Airlines flying the BL 3520 include Alaska Airlines, ANA, and Lufthansa.

You’ll also want to check the aircraft type on your next flight search for the design innovations.

The new A350XWB’s cabin won a “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award this year. That’s the whole plane, nose to tail, so you can enjoy its design benefits no matter which ticket you buy.

Airlines already flying the A350 include: Cathay Pacific, Ethiopian Airlines, Finnair, LATAM, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Vietnam Airways. There are 42 airlines set to take delivery of this plane over the next few years—so stay tuned for those launches.

If you want to fly design tomorrow, and can’t wait for the A350 to come to an airline near you, not to worry.

Choose a Red Dot Design Award winning Boeing 787 Dreamliner cabin on any of the dozens of airlines around the world already gracing the skies with these beauties. British Airways, Etihad Airways, and Virgin Atlantic have worked miracles with the Dreamliner’s design potential.

In fact, the airline industry relies on a host of top designers who have received prestigious honors for their work on interiors and consumer goods.