Anyone with a fear of flying should probably look away.

A Virgin Atlantic flight from New York City to London experienced a minor collision while taxiing away from the terminal on Monday. The plane’s left wing was clipped by an EgyptAir flight that was headed to Cairo at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

One passenger on the Virgin Atlantic flight, Diana S. Fleischman, managed to document the experience via Twitter. Luckily, no one was hurt in the collision.

In fact, many of the passengers asked the crew for some free drinks for their trouble.

Virgin Atlantic confirmed the incident in a statement to the Evening Standard, saying, “Our VS4 flight from New York to London Heathrow sustained damage to the wingtip whilst taxiing to the runway at JFK airport yesterday (27 November). Safety is always our priority, and all passengers and crew disembarked the aircraft as normal. We’re arranging alternate travel for affected customers to enable them to continue their journeys as soon as possible, and we would like to thank them for their understanding during the delay.”

Both the Virgin Atlantic and the EgyptAir planes had to be returned to the terminal to assess the damage, and so that passengers could board new flights.

After disembarking, Fleischman and other passengers tweeted that getting a new flight was difficult due to the location from which Virgin Atlantic dropped off the passengers and the level of disorganization they were met with once reaching the terminal.

Fleischman noted that only two gate agents were working the desk to find new flights. Luckily, passengers did eventually find flights to their destinations.