Brexit, the deal to legally separate Great Britain from the rest of the European Union, is nearly upon us. While all breakups are tough, this one comes with an unexpected silver lining: Everything is about to get way cheaper for visitors, and Virgin Atlantic is here to help you figure out how to spend your money.

Thanks to Britain's untimely exit from the rest of the E.U., the British pound has hit an all-time low. But as Virgin Atlantic points out in its new campaign, travelers can all help by spending a little money on flights and by buying a few new trinkets on their travels to England.

Virgin Atlantic's Brexit calculator
Credit: Virgin Atlantic

The international airline launched a Brexit Calculator to help would-be travelers find out how much they can save on their next trip to London. Here’s how it works: Click on the London bucket list items of your choosing, such as cockney slang lessons (once $182, now just $150), a bejeweled codpiece (once $102,999, now just $84,948), or tuition to a school of witchcraft and wizardry (once $43,280, now the low, low price of $35,695) and the Brexit Calculator will show you what you can save now that the pound has fallen.

"We recognized that when Brexit was announced at the end of last year that — from an airline’s perspective — it represented both a challenge and an opportunity," Virgin Atlantic’s head of marketing Jenna Lloyd told U.S. Campaign, adding that "the pound is at an all-time low, which makes it a fabulous time for Americans to visit the U.K."

So if you were already thinking of adding a trip to London to your summer travels, now is the time. As Virgin Atlantic says, it’s a real bargain.