The A350 is already a comfortable aircraft, but Virgin Atlantic’s warm new design and the introduction of the Loft really delivers ‘cozy’ and brings ‘hygge’ to new heights.

By Marisa Garcia
April 09, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

At a special ceremony at its headquarters in England, Virgin Atlantic unveiled its new A350 passenger experience that really warms the heart.

Greeting all passengers as they enter the plane is the new Loft lounge — touted as the largest social space across any of Virgin Atlantic’s fleet. This community space was designed through a collaboration of Virgin Atlantic and London-based Factory Design studio.

During the flight, it will be a hotspot for up to eight Upper Class passengers to gather, chat, grab a drink or dine. Passengers can also settle back with Bluetooth headphones and watch custom entertainment on the 32-inch screen, or catch a view of the skies from the live tail-cam. The chairs in the Loft feature seatbelts for safety which lets passengers stay where they are, even during turbulence.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

High-end finishes, rich aubergines, clarets, warm golds, reds and tangerines give all cabins, nose to tail, a delectable ultramodern style that fits what we’ve come to expect from the Virgin Atlantic brand. The finishes and design details will blend with custom mood lighting and larger windows to add interest — no two flights on this aircraft will feel quite the same.

“The introduction of our A350 represents a true evolution of our customer experience,” said Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President Customer, at Virgin Atlantic. “We believe flying should be exciting, whether it’s your first or 100th flight with us and that’s why we’ve elevated our offering to provide our customers with something totally unique.”

New Upper Class Suites

When they are not mingling or relaxing at the Loft, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers can enjoy a new Upper Class suite. Offering enhanced privacy without closing passengers in entirely, the seat is roomy with plenty of allowance for personal storage, personal mood lighting, an 18.5-inch in-flight entertainment screen, and fully flat bed made more comfortable by armrests that can be pushed completely flat with the base and get out of your way as you sleep.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

There will be 44 Upper Class suites on the aircraft in a 1-2-1 configuration, offering a 44-inch seat pitch and fully flat bed. Higher walls and a privacy screen allow passengers to sleep unobserved. A cocktail table, shelving and a large tray table combine to give passengers more room to work and dine. Passengers can also enjoy entertainment on 18.5-inch in-flight entertainment screen and use Bluetooth headsets to enjoy quality sound without the wires. There is also plenty of access to power personal electronic devices with two USB sockets, and an AC socket which can fit U.K., U.S. and European plugs.

Premium Economy and Economy

All of the aircraft will have 56 Premium Economy seats and 235 Economy seats.

Premium economy and economy passengers will also enjoy high-design features like bespoke and breathable materials, comfortable seating and state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment with 13.3-inch screens in Premium and 11.6” in economy. Premium customers also get a 7-inch recline, more storage space for personal items, a four-way adjustable headrest and retailored rich leather covers.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

Economy seats offer new luxurious breathable fabrics as well as adjustable headrests, folding tray tables and USB power access. The Economy Light and Classic seats will offer a 31” seat pitch and the Economy Delight seats offer 34-inch pitch.

The Airbus A350

We’ve witnessed the launch of a number of A350 aircraft, have seen more than our share of new interiors reveals, and can say that the new Virgin Atlantic A350 is among the most impressive new cabin proposals we’ve seen in years. In part, that’s because the airline has not been shy about introducing new concepts — like the Loft entrance and the sunny Upper Class suite — but this thinking carries through in the design of all seats, and results in something truly delectable. The kind of high hygge where you breakout the orange and almonds chocolate paired with rich coffee or warming tea to put up your stocking feet and rest in soothing candlelight.

Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

This design pairs beautifully with the A350 aircraft’s own lower altitude, balanced humidity, reduced noise and other environmental controls which put less strain on the body. Larger windows and mood lighting make the aircraft feel spacious and also help regulated circadian rhythms to reduce jet lag.

Virgin Atlantic has placed an order for 12 A350-1000 aircraft, valued at $4.4 billion in list price which will be delivered by 2021. The first new Virgin Atlantic A350 is being finished at Airbus in Toulouse and expected to launch in late summer or early autumn. It is perfectly dressed for any weather.