Watch the Entire 27-hour Process of Replacing an Airplane Engine in Two Minutes

As a traveler, you may not be aware of how much work goes into maintaining the aircraft that get you from point A to point B. While you're standing in security lines or browsing the airport newsstands, there are hard working engineers hustling around the clock to keep your airplane in perfect condition.

A timelapse from Virgin Atlantic shows just one such team of talented engineers replacing an engine from one of its A340-600 aircraft, nicknamed "Lady Bird."

According to the YouTube video description, the entire replacement took 27 hours for the engineers to fully complete, but they managed to shrink down the process to only two minutes for your viewing pleasure.

Once Lady Bird’s new engine was secure, she was back in action. The plane even flew all the way to New York that very evening. And the tireless Virgin Atlantic team probably moved on to keeping the next aircraft in ship-shape.

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