Virgin Australia will provide travelers with an in-flight meditation program.
Credit: Daniel Slim/Getty Images

While flying gives travelers a way to see destinations across the globe, it can also be a frightening experience for some.

Those who have a fear of flying can now rest easier on flights with Virgin Australia, as the airline has announced a new initiative to assist nervous flyers throughout their journey.

The airline is partnering with the nonprofit Smiling Mind, which offers both web and app-based meditation programs created by a range of psychologists and educators focused on mindfulness.

As part of the new partnership, the airline will be incorporating Smiling Mind’s guided meditations into its in-flight entertainment system, providing a tool for travelers to use to calm their anxiety and focus on their wellbeing.

In addition to in-flight entertainment offerings, Virgin Australia is also introducing a new system to allow passengers with a fear of flying an opportunity to connect with airline staff before their journey.

This way, crew will be able to assist passengers with personalized tips and communication before their journey, and one-on-one interactions throughout their flight to ensure a comfortable experience.

The airline has yet to specify exactly what the in-flight programs and pre-journey and on-board assistance will look like, though it plans to announce additional details on the new initiative in the coming months.

“Integrating mindfulness into our everyday lives is just as important as eating and exercising regularly, and I am so excited to see Virgin Australia deeply embedding mindfulness into the workplace and onboard flights,” Sir Richard Branson said in a statement.

The airline will also be implementing the new Smiling Mind program for its staff outside of flights.

Several other airlines have recently begun integrating options to ease travelers during flights, including American Airlines’ introduction of nature videos and Calm’s meditation app and Qantas’ creation of an in-flight meditation video series.