Virgin Australia
Credit: Getty Images

Virgin Australia has a new policy that will be music to any parent’s ears.

According to, the airline is now allowing a checked baggage allowance for infants on all routes, both domestic and international. This change makes Virgin Australia the first Australian airline to have such a policy.

As all moms and dads know, traveling with a child, especially an infant, can be extremely stressful. While there are many products out there to help parents keep their kids happy and comfortable, parents are often on their own when it comes to getting everything they need on their flight. Babies need a lot of stuff, and those items can often be bulky and heavy.

This new policy gives parents the freedom to pack an extra bag just for their infant or child, which can make their family vacation all the better, since they won’t have to pay extra baggage fees to bring along everything their child needs while they’re away. Plus, parents can actually pack everything they personally need without worrying about fitting it all into a carry-on.

“We’re pleased to make that journey a little more effortless by introducing an infant baggage allowance on domestic and international flights,” said Paul Woosnam, General Manager of Ground Operations, to “We want to be the airline of choice for [traveling] families and we’re proud to be the only carrier in Australia to [recognize] that [traveling] with an infant sometimes means packing far more than usual.”

The baggage policy allows for a separate bag up to 23-kilograms (about 50 pounds) for your child, free of charge. In addition, according to 7 News, parents may also pack an additional seven kilograms (about 15 pounds) in their carry-on bags for specific items they will need for their children in-flight, as well as two additional “special infant items” such as a cot, stroller, or car seat.

According to Escape, the new policy is available to parents with children under 23 months.

While parents will still face travel challenges, being able to bring everything they need without additional cost will give them the peace of mind they need.