By Erika Owen
March 30, 2016
Credit: YouTube

Airlines do a lot of crazy things to reel in potential frequent flyers, but a recent project from Virgin America tops the cake. The airline is asking people to watch a five hour and 46-minute movie—but not just any movie. This is a film highlighting exactly what it feels like to sit on a monotonous flight on "BLAH Airlines" from Newark to San Francisco (no stops!).

While an uneventful flight is always a good thing, this video highlights just how mind-numbing a cross-country flight can be when the only background noise is a crying child, humming from your seat mate, the creak of reclining chairs, and a chatty neighbor. Essentially, this is what it's like to be confined to a box-sized space with only your thoughts for what some would consider to be a full night's sleep.

virgin flight
Credit: YouTube

Virgin America is making a public debut with the video at the Vail Film Festival on April 8th. Anyone who attends the festival and makes it through the entire thing will receive 5,000 Elevate points (the brand's frequent flyer currency).

Want a taste of the video? Check out the teaser:

Looking to spend the next couple of hours testing your imagination? Here's the full movie:

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