He’s using the flight’s message board for good.

One of the least enjoyable aspects of air travel is the mad rush to the gate during the boarding process (or the endless wait if you get there early). However, a witty Virgin America gate agent has been lightening the mood with clever boarding signs that bring a little laughter to the tedious process of getting on an airplane.

As Daily Dot reported, the agent has been entertaining passengers by posting jokes on the flight’s message board, such as a simple, “Have a good flight, muggles” or by posting quotes from Back to the Future. The agent, who goes by the online alias of Rootbeer1, recently posted a gallery of his greatest airport signs on Imgur, to the delight of many.

Many of his jokes are full-on dad jokes, like this one: “No, we cannot stash your misbehaving offspring in the baggage hold …you will have … you will have to …wait for it …CARRY ON YOUR WAYWARD SON.”

He’s thrown some objectively good ideas in the mix—like boarding based on cheesesteak preference (“whiz, provolone, and then American”), and when he came up with this brilliant suggestion: “To facilitate speedier boarding, we will be playing the Benny Hill theme song ‘Yakety Sax’ at full volume.” There’s no doubt that would urge people into their seats.

He’s used the board to be serious, like when he paid homage to David Bowie and Leonard Nimoy, and he’s also fully immersed himself in the jokes, like when he dressed up like “hipster Santa” or showed up to work dressed in his pajamas.

Unfortunately, the humorous touch he brings to the boarding process may be drawing to a close. The agent wrote that: “New owner Alaska Airlines isn't really known for a cheeky corporate culture, so signs like these are most likely going away.” That would be a loss for travelers looking for more fun at the airport.